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So, it’s almost here – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – the Korean giant’s most ambitious phone, and arguably the most exciting 2022 smartphone in general. Now that its release is closing up and we know a good deal about it, it’s time to do a preview based on all our intel.

Is this upcoming phone that unfolds into a tablet shaping up to be as awesome as any tech enthusiast is inclined to expect? Let’s find out…

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What’s new about the Galaxy Z Fold 4

  • Slightly different screen aspect ratio
  • Slimmer and lighter build
  • New hinge design
  • Dual-sided fingerprint sensor
  • New camera system from the Galaxy S22 line

Galaxy Z Fold 4 specs (unconfirmed)

Specs Galaxy Z Fold 4
Display 7.6″ OLED, 120Hz refresh rate
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Storage 128GB / 256GB / 512GB
Cameras Main camera – 50MP
3x telephoto camera – 12MP
Ultra-wide camera – 12MP
Battery Size 4270 mAh
Price starting from $1,799

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Design & Colors

Galaxy Z Fold 4 design (Image credit – OnLeaks)

At first glance the Galaxy Z Fold 4 won’t be apparently different from the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but there are in fact some neat quality of life changes done to the new model.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will supposedly be lighter, at 263 grams, which is about 10 grams less than its predecessor. And it’ll also be slimmer, thanks in part to a redesigned, slimmer hinge, and the fact that its display will be shorter and a bit wider, making it a tad better for consuming content. This, of course, will slightly change its display aspect ratio.

The fingerprint button that was built into the Z Fold 3’s power button will be moved under the display of the Z Fold 4, so that’s neat. And even cooler – it’s supposedly going to be a double-sided fingerprint sensor that will work on both the small outer display and on the inner display somehow.

We’ve also heard reports of a less pronounced crease – where the Z Fold 4’s folding display actually folds in half – that line should be less visible now. Other than that, it’s going to be a similar, premium, book-like foldable phone (or pretty much a tablet, when unfolded) as before.

As for the color options, we expect nothing flashy – the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will come in black, gray, and beige. Okay, beige might be a bit flashy and perhaps not everybody’s favorite “cool” color, but to be fair, anything is better than just boring black and grey, right?

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Displays



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