Samsung Galaxy A53 goes on sale ahead of official announcement – comments –


Anonymossy, 18 hours agoThin boxes like that usually don’t contain a charger, so likely not.

It’s not the… moreThey have been pushing for this for a while now, reasoning that ‘people usually have multiple chargers’.


its shame that samsung remove headphonejack.

but we got 5000 mah battery.
Cpu is exynos 1280 same as a33.
and 120hz amoled display.

Its a small upgrade over a52.


Ne headphones jack. Sadly another phone off my list.


  • Justatechnerd
  • KSi
  • 9 hours ago

audio jack, 10 hours agoyead but does it have audio jack?No


  • audio jack
  • ajP
  • 10 hours ago

yead but does it have audio jack?


Shadocx, 15 hours agoBut this is the successor of the A52, not A52s.Even if it ain’t the successor to A52s, A52s is still a better option cause leaks say the A53 is going to more expensive than all of the A52 series


Shadocx, 15 hours agoWho told you it’s the successor of the A52s?
The lack of audio jack and charger is unfor… more
You must know that the A52s 5G carries SD 778G.


AnonD-1042161, 13 hours agoSo called tech people have Samsung A03 or galaxy S7 maxYeah that’s pretty much true.


Exynos is a meme, 18 hours agoIs there no charger in the box?they are removing the charger from all of their phones this year…


thin box tells everything


  • Anonymous
  • 1D3
  • 11 hours ago

Alex Christine, 17 hours agoWhat’s the point of having thin phone to be honest? For it to break more easily? They als… more…….


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